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The Truth
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Experiencing Heel Pain?
You Most Likely Have Plantar Fasciitis

Prevention & Recovery from Plantar Fasciitis

Then, how can this problem be aided or resolved? It certainly has to be supported. But firm support can further inflame it and excessively soft support does nothing to assist it’s need for support so that it can heal.

Much like “Goldilocks and The Three Bears”, there can’t be too much support or too little….. It has to be just right.  It can’t be too firm or too soft… It has to be just right.

And, it has to provide this support all the way along it’s trip from the heel to the forefoot.

Over decades, the inventor of GelThotics has worked to find the “just right” answer to allow this important tissue heal.

If you are having pain in the morning when you take your first steps after waking, or excessive pain in the bottom of the foot… The problem may be plantar fasciitis.

As previously described, while there may be endless other approaches to reduction of this pain, the GelThotic has been trusted by both Doctors and the general public for decades and provides a “front line” approach to minimizing pain and re-establishing the health of this part of the human foot.

Meet the Inventor, Michael Kendall

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?Michael Kendall holds numerous patents for orthotic technology. He has spent most of his lifetime dedicated to helping others have happy, healthy feet. His Kendall GelThotic orthotic device is guaranteed to reduce or eliminate foot pain while fitting in more shoe types than any other orthotic product available. Many top name-brand shoe manufacturers use his patented technology and have consulted with Michael in the development of their products. He has personally helped over 150,000 people find relief from foot pain and injuries over the past few decades. No other orthotic product available provides better foot support to provide relief from the most common causes of foot pain today.



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