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The Kendall GelThotic is a Medically Effective Orthotic

Thousands of people have found incredible foot pain relief and all-new comfort with Kendall GelThotics. Whether you’re an athlete, or just on your feet all day, or are looking to prevent foot problems as you get older, GelThotics is right for you.

Here’s why our Satisfaction Guarantee resonates with users:

  • Made in the U.S., uniquely using medical grade Silicone (a material that is far more effective than any other insert material on the market)
  • Not only provides more support than a conventional orthotic, but does it with softness and reduction of friction and shear forces
  • Helps retain the integrity of the natural fat pad under the heel, absorbing shock, reducing the effect of friction, and stabilizing the heel
  • Our SupportXGel, a modified ultra-soft long-life silicone gel, helps control pronation with stability through every phase of the gait cycle and provides one of the highest levels of shock reduction ever tested

If you are not satisfied with how GelThotics perform for you, simply return them to us for a full refund of your purchase price minus shipping charges.

Send Returns (with a copy of your receipt) to:

Kendall GelThotics
7578 Trade Street
Suite C
San Diego, CA 92121


The GelThotics Team